Offsite Backup Completely Branded to Your Company


Resell our software as your own. Our software, our data centers, your brand.

Our offsite backup reseller program includes our backup client completely branded to your company. There are no link backs to us and we encourage you to sell the service as your own


We help you create top of mind with your clients while providing support, software upgrades, and a secure and 100% Canadian data center. Want to see how well the branded offsite backup software works? Contact us today for a demo!

Sample company logo

Branded Desktop and Tray Icons

  • Desktop and tray icons are created using your logo.
  • You choose the product name for the software Your logo for the desktop and tray icons

Branded Client

Branded SoftwareSoftware completely branded and customized with your name and logo with nothing pointing back to Backup Cloud Canada.

  • 100% Branded to you, no co-branding
  • Your Logo and slogans
  • No mention of Backup Cloud Canada

Resell offsite backup! 100% Canadian and 100% your brand.

  • Software is fully branded to your company
  • Your Logo and your slogans
  • No mention of Backup Cloud Canada
  • Branded installer and icons

Backup Cloud Canada
To learn more, or to order, contact us today!