• Safe, reliable and 100% Canadian

Backup Cloud Canada’a offsite backup reseller program not only gives resellers a 100% branded offsite backup, we also commit to keeping your clients data secure and in Canada.

Our data center focus’ on data replication and redundancy, as well as utilizing multiple high speed Internet connections to bring your clients quick and secure offsite backup.

If you would like more information on the data center, please contact us.

Network Infrastructure

  • Rapid self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity
  • Redundancy is multi-tiered with N+1 internal device elements
  • All core routing and switching equipment is state-of-the-art Adtran
  • Premium Tier-1 bandwidth providers
  • Aggregate connectivity reaches thousands of networks that are just a single network away from our uplinks.

Physical Security

  • 24 hour Security On-Site
  • Electronic security systems provided by CHUBB Security
  • Full complement of motion detecting security cameras
  • Facility external walls are seismically monitored 24 hours a day
Our Data Center is located in Kingston, Ontario.

Fully Redundant Hardware and Power

        • Extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer
        • Redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets
        • Clean and consistent power to data center equipment
        • Temperature and humidity are precisely regulated year round
        • Independent compressors and cooling loops

Data Replication

        • HP BladeSystem Matrix
        • RAID across multiple hard drives and devices
        • High level of fault tolerance

Why We Choose SCC

Server Cloud Canada presented an obvious advantage to our customer by allowing us to provide world class data security and infrastructure at low costs.

We take your customers data seriously, and so does Server Cloud Canada.

server cloud canada

Backup Cloud Canada

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